Q: What kinds of services do you offer?

A: Carolina HR Partners offers a full-range of HR administrative and management services. The options range from complete HR services much like one would expect from internal HR staff to single projects such as an HR audit, development of an Employee Handbook or supervisory training.

Q: Our HR administrator just left the company. How can you help me NOW?

A: We are very willing to do what it takes to help our clients. In this situation, we may process payroll using the client’s existing payroll method until we can transition to our payroll method. We may even perform the work on-site for a limited period of time if that is what the client needs.

Q: An employee just filed a claim of discrimination against us with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. What can you do to help us?

A: We are very accustomed to working with employment attorneys to answer these types of claims. Normally Carolina HR Partners would conduct the investigation and provide a draft of the employer’s response to the company’s attorney for review. Having us do the legwork and draft the response saves the client thousands of dollars versus having an attorney conduct the investigation and write the response.

Q: Do you specialize in specific industries?

A: Due to our varied experience, we are not limited to one or two industries. Our HR skill sets transcend industry boundaries, so we are confident working with many different types of businesses.

Q: What size companies usually need your services?

A: Some of our clients have less than 10 employees while others have close to 1,000 employees; however, the majority of our clients have between 30 and 80 employees.

Q: Can you help me even if I have a HR staff?

A: Certainly. By working with your existing HR staff, we can enhance their effectiveness, freeing them for other, more strategic roles in your business.

Q: How much will your services cost my company?

A: Carolina HR Partners fees are based on the specific services we provide to the individual client. Different than internal HR staff, this means our clients do not pay us for time spent performing other duties and/or downtime. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and provide you with a free quote.