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As an HR management professional for the last 25+ years, I understand the impact that a well-designed and managed HR function can have on a company. The traditional HR disciplines that all employers must address, i.e., recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, training, performance management, discipline and termination, significantly impact the success (or lack of success) of every company.

Companies typically address their HR responsibilities and liabilities in one of three ways: they employ internal HR professionals who design and manage the company’s HR function, they contract with professional employer organizations to take responsibility for the company’s employees and their HR needs or they muddle along without any professional HR support. Each strategy has its own pros and cons and some employers are better suited for one way versus another, but none of these strategies address the three things I believe are most important for any employer: results, cost and control.

I founded Carolina HR Partners in 2004 to provide employers with a cost-effective way to manage their HR function so that they could achieve their business goals and maintain control of their employees. Based on feedback we have received from our clients and their continued loyalty to Carolina HR Partners, I believe we are providing a valuable service. I hope you will give us the opportunity to learn more about your company’s HR needs so that we can show you how we can help you manage your HR responsibilities and liabilities.

Stephen H. Murphy, MSHRM, SPHR
Carolina HR Partners, Inc.