Save Time…Save Money…Trust the Experts in Payroll


Companies that use an outside service provider who is familiar with the complexity of taxation and compensation don’t have to worry about payroll. Carolina HR Partners offers payroll processing services to clients that can include data entry of each employee’s work hours, tax calculations, benefit deductions, compensation calculation and check writing. When you partner with us, you save time, are assured of accurate tax calculation and filing, and don’t have to worry about keeping up with changing IRS requirements.

Are you looking for..

  • Automated timekeeping?
  • Review & reconciliation of timekeeping records on an ongoing basis?
  • Data entry of all payroll-related information into a payroll software system?
  • Processing of benefit deductions and accruals of paid time off?
  • Review of check register and payroll totals prior to final processing?
  • Oversight of delivery of paychecks and/or direct deposits to ensure timely receipt?
  • Processing of federal and state tax filings on an accurate and timely basis?
  • Preparation of regular payroll reports at your request?
  • Production of quarterly payroll tax reports?
  • Processing of wage garnishments?
  • Preparation of W-2′s at year end?

Carolina HR Partner’s payroll processing services allow you to focus on the areas of business that generate revenue, leaving the paperwork and administration to us.